Boston: Sanguine Nights

War in Cambridge!!!

Under the suggestion of Seneschal Andre Prince Logan holds a formal Elysium meeting at the Symphony Hall. All kindred of the city are required to come and pledge alliance with the new Camarilla Principles and/or Prince Logan. If they will not, they must make formal introduction and state why they will not take the pledge.
Most kindred are wise enough to follow through, and D’Wallin puts on quite the performance as the Minister of Rituals.

Finally the dissidents arrive. The Nosferatu send a representative to say that they have created a regency under the Beacon Hill waterways and that they want a truce of non-interference for both parties. Logan disagrees and asks Zuma to broker a deal. The Deacon send a female to declare that Cambridge is now sabbat territory and trespass equates to death and torture. Logan disagrees and so she says that now the sabbat also controls newton. After this, Petyr brings in the body of Daeva Meredith who has a VII carved upon her chest. Her soul is removed to Petyr takes her to Alfonso Sangiovanni in New York to see what can be learned.

Logan creates a hunt party and headed to Cambridge. His leads have sent him go a front company called Father Fries. Once there, a group of sabbat thugs come to kill the Prince can gain some clout. Unfortunately they bite off more than they can chew. 

Logan takes them to the christening of the USS Constitution to make an example of them for any other betrayers in his ranks…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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