Boston: Sanguine Nights

Throwdown at a Baptist Church; for 'Merica

Our party regroups at the Beacon Hill Brownstone, and they get a text from Andre that something is amiss with the old safe house and both Thomas Lyons and Serge are missing. While getting ready to leave, Viktor announces he must find what happened to his sire and storms off in a fit of rage.
At the old safe house, all is not well. Drakkina and Zuma explore and see blood, notes, and wolf hair. Someone has ransacked the place and both Tom and Serge are gone.
The note says “An Eye for an Eye” and is written in the blood of the old Ventrue Spy Master, Jamal Carmichaels. After consulting Andre it is learned that Jamal is working out of the “Lone Shark” on north Boston Harbor.
Recon time! The harbor boasts a wealthy yacht club and in no time Logan is purchasing what looks more like a cruise ship. D’Wallin lurks off as some mages are fast at work pulling C’thulu creepies from the depths, and Zuma and Drakkina scout. Inside they find an office with some cash and the deed to Bay Baptist Church north of Boston on the Atlantic. While finishing up, a Lamborghini shows up, and the driver sends a stinger missle into the Lone Shark. 
Drakkina enters the car, and love is soon in the air with the blonde haired assassin who calls himself Gallardo.
At the Baptist Church, strange rituals are taking place. Sathan Rouge is present, along with Sylvia of Copenhagen. There are 3 out of place odd statues in the Courtyard. Our coterie enters the fray, and soon Drakkina and Zuma are in hot water. Sathan finds them. Outside D’Wallin confronts and antogonizes the werewolves, while Logan begins sending waves of suicidal drivers from the Whalers Pub to crash the front doors. In the chaos, Gallardo jumps in to kill Sylvia. Sathan falls in battle, and Zuma escapes. D’Wallin diablerizes Sathan in secret, Drakkina learns that the Roman statue may in fact be Gladius Epicus, and she leaves with Gallardo to inspect his sword at his safe house. 
Zuma and Logan pick up Jamal and escape the scene. Unfortunately Sylvia escapes too, and she may have planted some dark seeds into the party…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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