Boston: Sanguine Nights

The Prince's Headaches

Prince Logan and the new cabinet assume leadership and Logan immediately goes to work constructing a new feel to the city. The Elysium’s are new, the old ones left as a shadow of failed leadership. The kindred of the city are hoping the day of multiple spy masters, feuding rulers, and wanton destruction are over.

However with new leadership, new problems arise. The mighty Ventrue Cotton Mather has arrived from Salem to investigate the ruin of his Lancae Sanctum cell. It is said he commands the spirits of the fallen and so the truth will not escape him.

The Nosferatu use this as an opportunity to break away. Council member Westin leaves and founds “The Lords of the Underdeep” and calls the old subways and water systems his Regency.

The Deacon formalizes an alliance with Draskott the Vile, and the Carthians join with Belials Brood to ressurrect the “Sabbat”. They declare that they control all turf north of Cambridge and trespassing is punishable by torture and death.

Prince Santiago arrives from Barcelona to assist in the transaction with Andre. They want to reform the ancient Roman Camarilla, along with the 4 wings of rulership. Many more upstanding kindred, who still retain their humanity, think this is something of a vampire rennaisance.

Balthagar, Valencia, and Gladius Epicus have gone into hiding, though rumor persists they are lingering somewhere in Staughton. Evidence points to them capturing some neonates, forcing them to embrace, then holding them captive as feeders. 

The Master and Gallardo send a missive to the Council stating that if Drakkina and Logan are not turned over to them, they will kill 1 kindred a week until they have their captives in hand.

To make matters worse, the Council is approached by Seekaws the Devourer, a Tremere Lich, stating 2 of their “projects” have escaped and are in Boston and they will take them back by any means necessary.

All of you can make up to 3 decisive actions and earn up to 12XP for creativity (4 per action).


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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