Boston: Sanguine Nights

Enemies Aloft

It is said dark times call for even darker people. Boston is in the midst of just such a crisis. In this dark hour the Crimson Rosé has recruited 5 kindred with questionable intentions.

The power players of the city have turned a blind eye to the storm that is building amongst them, and are only to willing to let this new Coeterie of Blood Hounds sort it out.

After meeting with Thomas Lyons, our crew ingratiates themselves into kindred society successfully at the Nouveaux Noir nightclub. After formal introduction to the Seneschal and Sheriff they are tasked with kidnapping a Belial Ghoul. As could be expected, things turn violent and chaotic in the Cambridge Industrial (Hipster) district. However, the target was acquired. This was the token to gratitude from Prince Obadiah himself, abs revealed to Sheriff Petyr that this was a capable brood. New details of the Caedus Sanguinus emerged during interrogation, and so off they went to scout the Night Biker Bar. The usual rough sort of Mongrols, Werewolves, and kindred were found there. With the scouting of Drakkina and the machinations of Logan, the kindred were flushed out. In an epic fight in the back lot, fires blazed, bodies were flung into the air, and deaths sweet song filled the night.

Now the Blood Hounds have reconvened at Logan’s brownstone and plot their next move. Prince Obadiah is none the wiser at how foolish it was to give these vampires free reign to diablerize…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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