Boston: Sanguine Nights

Balls Deep in Ventrue spy masters

Our party starts in the Brownstone doing some interrogation of Jamal who is the spymaster for Prince Obadiah. He reveals not all is as it seems and that the Seneschal is perhaps plotting to take the city.

Gallardo invited the party to enjoy a quiet evening at the Al-Zhikr mosque. They decide to go, and meet the master along with seeing the ancient Valencia in the background. The master insinuates that a series of events are in place and that soon both Obadiah and Shelly will go down, and that a new Prince will be in place and that the Caedus Sanguinus will have a foot hold in the modern world. They are given a choice to join if they desire.

They then head to meet with Sheriff Petyr. He reveals that if they side with Obadiah they will be given even greater authority.

Then disastrous news, Jamal has escaped and killed a member of the Seal team.

It is decided to go and see what Shelly and her intelligence officers know. They head to her building and do some recon. 
Once within they run into media mogul Ventrue Devin. In a near death brawl, Devin falls. And then Grace and her twin sister Agatha show up.
The heavy hitters intervene. Viktor enters the scene, though is forced to turn to blood. The seal team moves in and snipes Agatha while Drakkina works over Grace. The party then regroups on the Manadarin, and the seeds are planted and growing.


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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