Boston: Sanguine Nights

War in Cambridge!!!

Under the suggestion of Seneschal Andre Prince Logan holds a formal Elysium meeting at the Symphony Hall. All kindred of the city are required to come and pledge alliance with the new Camarilla Principles and/or Prince Logan. If they will not, they must make formal introduction and state why they will not take the pledge.
Most kindred are wise enough to follow through, and D’Wallin puts on quite the performance as the Minister of Rituals.

Finally the dissidents arrive. The Nosferatu send a representative to say that they have created a regency under the Beacon Hill waterways and that they want a truce of non-interference for both parties. Logan disagrees and asks Zuma to broker a deal. The Deacon send a female to declare that Cambridge is now sabbat territory and trespass equates to death and torture. Logan disagrees and so she says that now the sabbat also controls newton. After this, Petyr brings in the body of Daeva Meredith who has a VII carved upon her chest. Her soul is removed to Petyr takes her to Alfonso Sangiovanni in New York to see what can be learned.

Logan creates a hunt party and headed to Cambridge. His leads have sent him go a front company called Father Fries. Once there, a group of sabbat thugs come to kill the Prince can gain some clout. Unfortunately they bite off more than they can chew. 

Logan takes them to the christening of the USS Constitution to make an example of them for any other betrayers in his ranks…

The Prince's Headaches

Prince Logan and the new cabinet assume leadership and Logan immediately goes to work constructing a new feel to the city. The Elysium’s are new, the old ones left as a shadow of failed leadership. The kindred of the city are hoping the day of multiple spy masters, feuding rulers, and wanton destruction are over.

However with new leadership, new problems arise. The mighty Ventrue Cotton Mather has arrived from Salem to investigate the ruin of his Lancae Sanctum cell. It is said he commands the spirits of the fallen and so the truth will not escape him.

The Nosferatu use this as an opportunity to break away. Council member Westin leaves and founds “The Lords of the Underdeep” and calls the old subways and water systems his Regency.

The Deacon formalizes an alliance with Draskott the Vile, and the Carthians join with Belials Brood to ressurrect the “Sabbat”. They declare that they control all turf north of Cambridge and trespassing is punishable by torture and death.

Prince Santiago arrives from Barcelona to assist in the transaction with Andre. They want to reform the ancient Roman Camarilla, along with the 4 wings of rulership. Many more upstanding kindred, who still retain their humanity, think this is something of a vampire rennaisance.

Balthagar, Valencia, and Gladius Epicus have gone into hiding, though rumor persists they are lingering somewhere in Staughton. Evidence points to them capturing some neonates, forcing them to embrace, then holding them captive as feeders. 

The Master and Gallardo send a missive to the Council stating that if Drakkina and Logan are not turned over to them, they will kill 1 kindred a week until they have their captives in hand.

To make matters worse, the Council is approached by Seekaws the Devourer, a Tremere Lich, stating 2 of their “projects” have escaped and are in Boston and they will take them back by any means necessary.

All of you can make up to 3 decisive actions and earn up to 12XP for creativity (4 per action).

The Rise of the New Prince

Our party starts off as Andre has information that could lead to the whereabouts of Sir Thomas of Lyons… and Serge. They must meet Selena the Crone High Druid at the South Boston Arboretum. At the tree Sanctuary, Logan interrogates a raccoon and learns much before Selena’s arrival. She claims that Westin the Nosferatu has a hand in this. First though, she requires the capture of Lancae Sanctum vampire Joseph Mather.

Off to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. This ancient religious icon proves or nearly be the end of our party. Soon they are discovered nosing about by The Reverend Phillip Mather, and his vast skills of Dominate nearly doom everyone as they are forced into sarcophagi below. Luckily D’Wallin has LS roots and is entrusted to deliver a potent blood bond to the other party members. Viktor escapes, Drakkina hides, and Logan runs. The seals arrive to clean up. Dark diablerie is performed, and the LS are nearly brought to their knees. 

Then it it’s, Arabic riots cover a series of crimes, including the death of Prince Obadiah at the hands of Sheriff Petyr. All are summoned to the Philharmonic where Petyr is captured, and Shelly stands to bece the new Prince. However, Balthagar throws a wrench into this and called for a Rite of Decision. With urging from Andre Logan throws his name in. The kindred leave to the Emperors Crown nightclub. The party interrogates Jamal and tapes his confession that Shelly and Selena have been in collusion to kill Obadiah with a blood demon in Petyr’s body. Petyr is freed and remembers nothing. The tape is broadcast and Shelly flees. Viktor and Petyr kill her ruthlessly in the streets as Logan works the crowd. 

The vote is in, and Logan wins (though D’Wallin went for the Anarchist candidate The Deacon). He assembles the Council and appoints his new cabinet. Selena reveals the location of Tom Lyons and Viktor and Drakkina are dispatched. D’Wallin uses a “ritual” to leave Shelly’s secrets. 

Viktor and Drakkina find Tom in torpor and Serge dead under the old subway yard at South Station. No sign of the Nosferatu Tippy Timmy is to he had.

Westin announces the Nosferatu will join with the Deacon. The Deacon announces he has joined the Carthians with the Belials Brood and are forming the Sabbat. Prince Santiago arrives from Barcelona to discuss ressurecting the Roman Camarilla, and Cotton Mather arrives from Salem seeking his son and grandson that are dead. Shits getting hot!!’

Balls Deep in Ventrue spy masters

Our party starts in the Brownstone doing some interrogation of Jamal who is the spymaster for Prince Obadiah. He reveals not all is as it seems and that the Seneschal is perhaps plotting to take the city.

Gallardo invited the party to enjoy a quiet evening at the Al-Zhikr mosque. They decide to go, and meet the master along with seeing the ancient Valencia in the background. The master insinuates that a series of events are in place and that soon both Obadiah and Shelly will go down, and that a new Prince will be in place and that the Caedus Sanguinus will have a foot hold in the modern world. They are given a choice to join if they desire.

They then head to meet with Sheriff Petyr. He reveals that if they side with Obadiah they will be given even greater authority.

Then disastrous news, Jamal has escaped and killed a member of the Seal team.

It is decided to go and see what Shelly and her intelligence officers know. They head to her building and do some recon. 
Once within they run into media mogul Ventrue Devin. In a near death brawl, Devin falls. And then Grace and her twin sister Agatha show up.
The heavy hitters intervene. Viktor enters the scene, though is forced to turn to blood. The seal team moves in and snipes Agatha while Drakkina works over Grace. The party then regroups on the Manadarin, and the seeds are planted and growing.

Throwdown at a Baptist Church; for 'Merica

Our party regroups at the Beacon Hill Brownstone, and they get a text from Andre that something is amiss with the old safe house and both Thomas Lyons and Serge are missing. While getting ready to leave, Viktor announces he must find what happened to his sire and storms off in a fit of rage.
At the old safe house, all is not well. Drakkina and Zuma explore and see blood, notes, and wolf hair. Someone has ransacked the place and both Tom and Serge are gone.
The note says “An Eye for an Eye” and is written in the blood of the old Ventrue Spy Master, Jamal Carmichaels. After consulting Andre it is learned that Jamal is working out of the “Lone Shark” on north Boston Harbor.
Recon time! The harbor boasts a wealthy yacht club and in no time Logan is purchasing what looks more like a cruise ship. D’Wallin lurks off as some mages are fast at work pulling C’thulu creepies from the depths, and Zuma and Drakkina scout. Inside they find an office with some cash and the deed to Bay Baptist Church north of Boston on the Atlantic. While finishing up, a Lamborghini shows up, and the driver sends a stinger missle into the Lone Shark. 
Drakkina enters the car, and love is soon in the air with the blonde haired assassin who calls himself Gallardo.
At the Baptist Church, strange rituals are taking place. Sathan Rouge is present, along with Sylvia of Copenhagen. There are 3 out of place odd statues in the Courtyard. Our coterie enters the fray, and soon Drakkina and Zuma are in hot water. Sathan finds them. Outside D’Wallin confronts and antogonizes the werewolves, while Logan begins sending waves of suicidal drivers from the Whalers Pub to crash the front doors. In the chaos, Gallardo jumps in to kill Sylvia. Sathan falls in battle, and Zuma escapes. D’Wallin diablerizes Sathan in secret, Drakkina learns that the Roman statue may in fact be Gladius Epicus, and she leaves with Gallardo to inspect his sword at his safe house. 
Zuma and Logan pick up Jamal and escape the scene. Unfortunately Sylvia escapes too, and she may have planted some dark seeds into the party…

Enemies Aloft

It is said dark times call for even darker people. Boston is in the midst of just such a crisis. In this dark hour the Crimson Rosé has recruited 5 kindred with questionable intentions.

The power players of the city have turned a blind eye to the storm that is building amongst them, and are only to willing to let this new Coeterie of Blood Hounds sort it out.

After meeting with Thomas Lyons, our crew ingratiates themselves into kindred society successfully at the Nouveaux Noir nightclub. After formal introduction to the Seneschal and Sheriff they are tasked with kidnapping a Belial Ghoul. As could be expected, things turn violent and chaotic in the Cambridge Industrial (Hipster) district. However, the target was acquired. This was the token to gratitude from Prince Obadiah himself, abs revealed to Sheriff Petyr that this was a capable brood. New details of the Caedus Sanguinus emerged during interrogation, and so off they went to scout the Night Biker Bar. The usual rough sort of Mongrols, Werewolves, and kindred were found there. With the scouting of Drakkina and the machinations of Logan, the kindred were flushed out. In an epic fight in the back lot, fires blazed, bodies were flung into the air, and deaths sweet song filled the night.

Now the Blood Hounds have reconvened at Logan’s brownstone and plot their next move. Prince Obadiah is none the wiser at how foolish it was to give these vampires free reign to diablerize…

From darkness into the night

It was so long ago that the Order of the Crimson Rosé had purpose that it would appear to outsiders as though it had disappeared entirely. The old Blood Gods have been gone for centuries. Their last attempt to take over the world though everyone into endless war lasting hundreds of years. Mortals to this day can barely fathom what really forced the endless Crusades.

Yet it would seem the time has come again. The battle requires old warriors who remember how things used to be, peppered with new blood that understands this strange new world of technology and global connections.

For our elder party members, their sires pledged their efforts to the Crimson Rosé, some for power, some for wealth, some who truly could see the end result if they did not fight.

It is Boston, 2014. It has been 700 years since the last battles of the Crimson Rose. They have gone dormant, into torpor. Yet in the last 2 years, 6 kindred have been diablerized in the particular method of the Caedus Dominus.

The Rose has convened, and they gather. Their enemies know them, so they send their childer. The Caedus is cunning, so our kindred must enter the World of the Undead in Boston to assess what is happening. And of course there is always the great fear, that the kindred of the rose will turn against their purpose and pursue the unimaginable power of the Caedus.


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