America, world power of the mortal world. For the Kindred, it has become a haven of the true expression of what it is to be a vampire. Yet hundreds of years ago, the more radical of the kindred were forced to flee the Old World, exiled by their bretheren, they used the New World to carve out a new existence.

While the young kindred of America play their games in the Dance Macabre, the Old World kindred have slumbered; some in torpor, some awaiting a sign. The Sign has come, and the Old Blood Gods have awakened. The great puppet masters have entered the scene again through the shadows. They force others to dance their dark dance. As of yet, their presence has gone completely unnoticed. Will the other kindred detect them before it is too late? Or will they learn why they were exiled so many years ago?

Boston: Sanguine Nights

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