Movement of the mind rules

Rules and powers for telekinises


Thaumaturgy: Movement of the Mind

Thaumaturgy: Movement of the Mind
This path allows the character to move objects with the power of his mind. This path can only be used with line-of-sight, and Potence is not a valid excuse for defence.

Possessed by:

Force Bolt (BASIC)

The character can focus her will into a tangible bolt of mental force that can send a foe reeling at range. Casting this effect requires the expenditure of a Willpower Trait. If the Thaumaturgist can defeat her opponent in a challenge (using her Mental Traits against the subject’s Physical Traits), the subject is knocked down and stunned for fifteen seconds (3 rounds) – counted aloud. During this time, the victim cannot initiate any physical actions. She may use appropriate stamina related Traits to avoid damage from further challenges. Opponents with Swiftness are only stunned for ten seconds. Rapidity reduces this to five seconds, and Kindred with Fleetness recover immediately – as long as they burn blood to activate celerity.

Manipulate (BASIC)

The Kindred can perform fine and delicate manipulation of items at range by concentrating intently upon them. Using Abilities in a challenge in this manner is somewhat difficult, however, and the character is one Trait down on challenges of this type. In general, the character may only manipulate objects that could be lifted in one hand by the average human. Furthermore, the speed of objects manipulated is equal to a casual walk. Range cannot exceed 100 feet.

Flight / Snare (INTERMEDIATE)

The character can crudely lift and move large objects (no more then a few hundred pounds). If the caster uses this on himself, the character can “fly” for short distances and avoid falls. Against an opponent, this Discipline can hold foes at bay by holding them off the ground. This does not prevent the victim from firing a gun, calling for help or using her own Disciplines, however.

To successfully snare an opponent, the character must first defeat the subject in a challenge using his Mental Traits versus the subject’s Physical Traits. This power is too awkward and clumsy to accurately drop objects on foes or hurl projectiles at an opponent. If used to achieve flight, the power costs one Mental Trait per five minutes of use.

Major Manipulation/Lifting/Control (ADVANCED)

With this power the character can lift great weights (up to an automobile) and immobilise or hurl foes away. When used against an opponent, the character must first defeat him in a challenge (Mental Traits against the foe’s Physical Traits). If the character chooses to immobilise her foe, the victim must remain absolutely motionless for as long as the attacker maintains complete concentration on the victim. While maintaining concentration, the attacker can take no other action involving a challenge.

Alternatively, after winning the challenge, a character may throw the opponent. The opponent will suffer one wound and must move (as an out-of-game action) to an area within 100 feet as directed by the character. Finally, objects thrown at or dropped on targets cause one (for man-sized objects) or two (for larger objects) wound levels if they hit their target. Once again, a challenge like the one mentioned above is necessary to hit a foe. A Mental Trait must be spent to activate this power.


Thaumaturgy may only be cast once per round (continuing an effect is not the same as casting, i.e. Hand of Flame may be used until extinguished, but the Thaumaturgist is only barred form casting another effect during the round of ignition).

All ranged Thaumaturgy can be ‘Dodged’.

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If this power is used to manipulate a living being, the subject may attempt to resist. In this case, the thaumaturge and the subject make opposed (Resolve + Composure) rolls each turn the control is exercised.

Movement of the mind rules

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