The Cleaner

Drakkina's Waste Management


Age: 52
Apparent Age: 52
Date of Birth: April 11, 1962
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: pale blue
Race: caucasian
Nationality: Irish American
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 220
Sex: male

The Cleaner is a very large sturdy male specimen. He is no stranger to lifting very heavy objects. He is virile and extremely masculine. He definitely gives off the “don’t fuck with me” vibe.


The Cleaner

Oswald “Ozzy” McBride was a simple man. He was a ranking officer in the Army for over 27 years and retired to become a Private Investigator in Boston. He has a wife (Maud) and two children (Taffy 9 and Laughter 15.) The family think Ozzy is a hard working Private I, who is cleaning up the streets of Boston. The statement is true. The streets are being cleaned up quite efficiently by Mr. McBride—because Oswald McBride is a cleaner. Anyone who needs to clean up a crime scene with no trace of evidence or pointed fingers—Oswald is your man. $50K will erase all your troubles and leave the authorities wondering what where when and how.
You see, Ozzy is extremely efficient at making bad things go away. He is somewhat of a legend in the underworld of Boston, which brought him to the attention of Drakkina. What could be more perfect than a city of secrets with a thrall to keep them away from everyone but her. How far would people be willing to go to get this knowledge? What price would they pay or task would they perform?
Drakkina shadowed his movements for several weeks before striking up a conversation with good ole Ozzy. Her ritual with him was bringing him coffee at the diner he frequented during late nights. Oswald and Drakkina became very close after those first visits, and this arrangement will make them both rich, if they live to tell the tale…

The Cleaner

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