Agent of Logan


For Jiaying the longest journey of her life happened before she could speak. Sent to Boston by her father, an influence Triad member, Jiaying was raised to understand Americans in a way most of the Triad could not.

Jiaying always knew of her father’s involvement but it wasn’t until after grad school that she was finally brought through the ranks. Her life and daily experience changed drastically the day she became the right hand to the local 489 (Dragon Head) of Boston.

At that point in time she was dating a younger student she had taught a lower level class to—Logan Jensen. He was brilliant and promising but she could not put him in danger.

Through the years Jiaying rose in knowledge and prominence in the Triad. When the 489 was killed in an automobile accident, Jiaying was appointed as the new Dragon Head of Boston. Her penchant to manipulate others made her a master and her PhD in Finance from Harvard provided her with ways of moving money not seen by anyone in the Triad before her.

The past few months have brought further changes to Jiaying. Logan Jensen once again came into her life. She once again tried to warn him away but somehow ended up in his bed. She saw him more and more after that night and now would do anything for him. Anything at all.



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