Minion of D'walin, Servant of the Order


Name – Hecubus
Age: 38
Apparent Age: 38
Sex: Male
Race: English
Hair: Brown and gray
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’11""
Weight: 230lbs


Hecubus is his chosen name. He will not mention his real one. Ever since he was little he was always drawn into the mystic and occult sciences. This odd boy grew up to be a odd man. Always looking out for the arcane and quick to be the first to see anything remotely magic. He thought his quest for this knowledge would be futile and his life in vain until he meet D’walin. D’walin took a interest and quickly became facebook friends with him. From that day is really the day when he entered the service of his master and threw off the shackles of society to join D’walin the realm of the arcane. Now he is his right hand man helping his master with all manner in what ever capacity he may need.


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