Master of Intelligence, Boston


True Name: Alexis Economopolous
Age: 706
Apparent Age: 18
Date of Birth: December 19th, 1308 (Skyros Island, Greece)
R.I.P.: December 19th, 1326 (unknown island off the coast of Turkey)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Greek
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 134lb.
Sex: female

Alexis is extremely athletic and carries herself with a cat-like grace.

Quote: “My $50,000 fee doesn’t include multiple marks. I do not kill children, unless you count 85% of the adult male population I’ve encountered in this modern world.”


A Beginning (Skyros Island, Greece)

Alexis grew up the daughter of a fish merchant on the island of Skyros in Greece. Her father was a simple man, but he blamed his daughter for the death of his wife. There were complications in the birth, and Alexis’ mother didn’t survive. Her father raised her in a very open house, but he couldn’t get pass the loss of his wife. Alexis always felt unloved, and she wanted to move far away from him. After her fifteenth summer, the ships from England, Spain, Turkey, and all the outlying countries of the Black Sea and Mediterranean were all that she could think about. She longed to be free of this life that tormented both her and her begrudging father. She wanted a clean slate and a clean conscience. No sooner did she decide to stow away on a ship bound for Spain, her father came to her one evening with a Turkish man with a reputation for being very wealthy and even-handed. Her father told her that he arranged her marriage to this tall handsome Turk. With little resistance, Alexis was aboard a Turkish vessel the next day. It wasn’t until much later that Halim, her new husband, told her that he paid her weight in gold. She didn’t feel at odds with such a generous gift, because she knew it would bring some happiness to her father. Alexis was ready for a new life, and she unknowingly was going to get more than she was expecting.

Smyrna (Izmir,) Turkey

Halim Gül Kudret

Halim was a very generous provider, but there were a few odd things about the man that Alexis didn’t understand from the beginning of there short courtship and marriage. He wouldn’t touch her. For the first year of their marriage, he saw her three times. His business kept him away for most of the year, but when they were reunited, he wouldn’t embrace her or even caress her. He lavished gifts on her and she wanted for nothing. She wore fine silks and expensive exotic oils and jewelry. She was treated like a princess but never a wife. She couldn’t understand his restraint, and she wasn’t opposed to his advances. Halim was very attractive and powerful. Alexis wanted this man that saved her from her dismal life. Instead, Halim hired artists and linguists and swordsmen for her instruction. She loved books and all the histories of the world. She loved art and music. She became quite skilled at dancing and fencing as well. It felt very strange to learn these skills from her husband. His culture viewed her as the weaker sex, but she loved her instruction. She felt power, and she wanted to keep it. She wanted to be an equal, and this strange man was giving her everything she ever desired. Three years flew by and Alexis was an accomplished student. She had read a library of books, learned four languages, excelled at fencing with exotic knives and swords, and she was taught a martial arts known as Iaido. It was quite apparent to Alexis that Halim was preparing her for something—something she felt was most likely sinister. After her training was complete, Halim told her that she would be making a journey to a remote secret island, where she would be given a test that would decide whether or not she could live forever in a world of corruption and wars of religion. He read an edict to her that would shape her life or destroy it, but she had to decide her own path…

“Can you not see how the Abbasid Caliph, under the aegis of the devilish Turkish Shah, misleads illiterate believers of Islam? The real believers of Alamut will destroy the devils that betray our religion. And when that happens, all of you shall pass through the gates of heaven with my blessing. Do not forget that you were created for heaven, not for this world. Only those with weak faith would be afraid of death. We, endowed by the strength of faith, live fearlessly.”
—Hassan Sabbah

Blindfolded and Naked

Alexis was shipped in the night to a remote island somewhere in the Aegean Sea, she knew, because the trip lasted for about 10 hours. She would be able to decipher which island on a map, because there was no course correction. As she departed the ship, she noticed a large group of similarly aged females were being brought off other ships that were docked. Everyone was crowded into a courtyard and asked to strip and put on the clothes of a disciple of heaven—white cotton duangua pants and shirt. Alexis was no stranger to this garb. She would spar with her instructor in the same clothes. Each disciple was given a small 5’X7’ room spread with thatch and its own bucket. Alexis asked the attendant that lead her to the door of her room, “Where do I sleep?” She gave a low chuckle and said, “Comfort is earned at the island.” Alexis didn’t know where or why she was in a training camp on a remote island with a bunch of similarly aged females. She decided this wasn’t going to end with her betraying her conscience.
There were 34 girls in training, and each day started out with the study of religion, meditation, and exercise. Twelve days passed, and Alexis was getting along fine with all the girls. She was friends with a girl from Greece that was kidnapped from a brothel, and life had settled on this strange island—until the 13th day. Alexis went through the motions of the prayer ceremony at first light, like she had done for the last twelve days. She wasn’t aware that there were no attendants in the courtyard this time, but she did notice the four doors that were usually left open had been barred. She also noticed a group of seven archers surrounding above on the roof. As the prayer ended, the archers drew their weapons and aimed at the crowd. Alexis’ instinct took over, as the archers began to fire on the crowd. She leaped out and easily climbed the wall closest to the most archers and removed her shirt. She twisted the shirt into a length and grabbed each end so as to deflect any incoming arrows. The first archer was caught completely off guard and Alexis grabbed his arrow quiver and shoved him over the side. She drew an arrow and maneuvered around the second archers defensive crouch to stab the arrow into his left eye. She held his body up to deflect the arrows that were being fired at her, while she fitted his stolen bow with an arrow of her own. She got two shots off before she realized she had to move. She crouched low and sailed through a tiny opening in the roof. She was fortunate to fall in a large well of water on the outer side of the courtyard, but she wasn’t finished with her attackers. She unbolted the door and crouched low to let an arrow fly and connect with archer number three. She ran around the corner and unbolted the second door, only to find a barrage of arrows flying at her. One of them glanced her arm, but she was ready with another arrow and archer number four flew from the roof and landed on the arrow that was protruding from his chest. Alexis was feeling the poison from the arrow that glanced her, but she wouldn’t stop her barrage. She ran around to the third door and unbolted but barely opened it. Archer number five didn’t know what was coming when the arrow landed square in his chest. Alexis saw the last two archers fleeing out the same hole she jumped through, so she ran around to the other door that was bolted, knowing it faced the only exit to the building. She ran at the archers fleeing, knowing she would probably be killed. As she saw them running towards the door, she loaded two arrows and released, while they released their poison arrows at her. Before she could see if her shots were true, she felt the burning sting of poison in her right thigh. She fell to her knees and realized that she was most likely going to die, but where were the archers? Where were all the other girls? She only saw blackness and realized that she was being carried before losing consciousness.

Adalet Asuman Burakgazi

Alexis woke up to the strange coppery taste of blood in her mouth. She thought it was her own, until a soft masculine voice told her, “focus on your wounds and make them go away.” He repeated this soft command to her several times before she realized what was happening. The wounds closed and were completely erased from her body, but she felt the poison still. It was taking her life, and she knew her death would be soon. The soft voice came back to her but she couldn’t understand him. Her head was throbbing with fever and she felt her life fading away. It was at this point that she felt something puncture her neck. She felt a euphoria that she had never known and then there was the coppery taste again, but this time it was like drinking some golden nectar of a God. She felt its power filling every limb and transforming her skin and senses. She wanted to cry out but restrained herself. Adalet introduced himself and explained what he had just done to save her life. He confessed that he was an assassin for hire and he wanted an apprentice. He was responsible for the arranged marriage to Halim, his Ghoul retainer. Alexis agreed to almost everything her new sire asked, as long as she could feel the ecstasy of the blood again. And Alexis was an excellent apprentice. She was the perfect killer for hire, and she would do most anything for her sire.

Smyrna (Izmir)

Alexis drank all the knowledge and skills her sire gave her. She was fast becoming an accomplished assassin within the first 30 years of training with Adalet. She took the name Drakkina, which was a pet name from her sire, but it somehow fit with the crazy life she chose for herself. Drakkina means dragon in Greek. Alexis traveled all over Europe doing one job after another, but she always returned to Smyrna and her soft spoken sire. As the centuries passed, the appeal of the new world began to grow in Alexis. She wondered what riches she could find in such a new and wonderful place. She wondered what business would be like there. Adalet warned Alexis of the centuries sleep they would soon have to endure because of their powerful blood. He set out to get them both to a safe place—and the secluded southwest mountains were perfect for a secret mausoleum. It wasn’t until 1764 AD that Alexis felt the pull of torpor upon her. She put all of her affairs in order and they both decided to leap-frog through time together. Adalet spared no expense in making sure the door to their tomb would be well hidden, and on the appointed night, they journeyed southeast of Smyrna. Adalet was frantic to get to the hidden location. He ran the horses hard. Alexis went into the secluded cave and triggered the door of their slumber chamber. Adalet gently kissed her and told her to close her eyes and concentrate on the silence…let it fold over you…let it embrace you…

Awake 250 Years Later

As Alexis stirred, she could smell the earth around her. Her fingers could feel the intricate designs of the dais she slumbered atop. She felt as if her memory was clouded with others thoughts. She could only remember bits of her past, but she did remember one thing clearly. She was alone. She knew somehow that Adalet had not slept next to her these long centuries. She tried to use her telepathy to contact him, but she had grown weaker. Her powers weren’t as strong, and she wept at the thought of what happened to her Sire. She was determined to find out what happened. She left the tomb and became a shadow, traveling to her former home on the wind. She noticed a series of bright lights and paved streets and strange contraptions that carried people with vast speed. She saw huge buildings that were lit unnaturally. When she had finally come to Smyrna, she realized it had a new name. It was called Izmir. The city had become vast and the people were dressed strangely and had small devices that they used to communicate with others. This new world was far more advanced than Alexis’ time, and she felt somewhat relieved that she survived the ages. She wanted to know what all these new things were, so she found a library—Milli Kütüphane For eight nights she visited this fantastic structure, and she learned so much about the new world. She learned that science had advanced in staggering proportions. She learned that medicine was also far advanced. Mathematics, space travel, art, and the computer. She learned so much in such a short time.

A Rainy Day In Boston

Alexis was determined to travel, and she wanted desperately to see the Americas. She wanted to see what this land of milk and honey would offer her. With great reluctance, she stowed away in a cargo hold on a jet liner bound for Logan International Airport in Boston…

The Master of Intelligence

Drakkina is moving forward at a rapid pace with Logan’s new reign in Boston. She received an accommodation of Master of Intelligence and sits on the new council. This new life in a new time is opening up a world of power and prestige to her. There are going to be many obstacles for the council, but she is more than ready for the task. Assets are put in place. Her network grows every day. There are a few matters to sort out, but these are exciting obstacles for a new Boston. Securing a future is Drakkina’s first priority.

Quote: “Are those bitter almonds you smell? Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm!”


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