Boston: Sanguine Nights

The Rise of the New Prince

Our party starts off as Andre has information that could lead to the whereabouts of Sir Thomas of Lyons… and Serge. They must meet Selena the Crone High Druid at the South Boston Arboretum. At the tree Sanctuary, Logan interrogates a raccoon and learns much before Selena’s arrival. She claims that Westin the Nosferatu has a hand in this. First though, she requires the capture of Lancae Sanctum vampire Joseph Mather.

Off to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. This ancient religious icon proves or nearly be the end of our party. Soon they are discovered nosing about by The Reverend Phillip Mather, and his vast skills of Dominate nearly doom everyone as they are forced into sarcophagi below. Luckily D’Wallin has LS roots and is entrusted to deliver a potent blood bond to the other party members. Viktor escapes, Drakkina hides, and Logan runs. The seals arrive to clean up. Dark diablerie is performed, and the LS are nearly brought to their knees. 

Then it it’s, Arabic riots cover a series of crimes, including the death of Prince Obadiah at the hands of Sheriff Petyr. All are summoned to the Philharmonic where Petyr is captured, and Shelly stands to bece the new Prince. However, Balthagar throws a wrench into this and called for a Rite of Decision. With urging from Andre Logan throws his name in. The kindred leave to the Emperors Crown nightclub. The party interrogates Jamal and tapes his confession that Shelly and Selena have been in collusion to kill Obadiah with a blood demon in Petyr’s body. Petyr is freed and remembers nothing. The tape is broadcast and Shelly flees. Viktor and Petyr kill her ruthlessly in the streets as Logan works the crowd. 

The vote is in, and Logan wins (though D’Wallin went for the Anarchist candidate The Deacon). He assembles the Council and appoints his new cabinet. Selena reveals the location of Tom Lyons and Viktor and Drakkina are dispatched. D’Wallin uses a “ritual” to leave Shelly’s secrets. 

Viktor and Drakkina find Tom in torpor and Serge dead under the old subway yard at South Station. No sign of the Nosferatu Tippy Timmy is to he had.

Westin announces the Nosferatu will join with the Deacon. The Deacon announces he has joined the Carthians with the Belials Brood and are forming the Sabbat. Prince Santiago arrives from Barcelona to discuss ressurecting the Roman Camarilla, and Cotton Mather arrives from Salem seeking his son and grandson that are dead. Shits getting hot!!’


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