Boston: Sanguine Nights


From darkness into the night

It was so long ago that the Order of the Crimson Rosé had purpose that it would appear to outsiders as though it had disappeared entirely. The old Blood Gods have been gone for centuries. Their last attempt to take over the world though everyone into endless war lasting hundreds of years. Mortals to this day can barely fathom what really forced the endless Crusades.

Yet it would seem the time has come again. The battle requires old warriors who remember how things used to be, peppered with new blood that understands this strange new world of technology and global connections.

For our elder party members, their sires pledged their efforts to the Crimson Rosé, some for power, some for wealth, some who truly could see the end result if they did not fight.

It is Boston, 2014. It has been 700 years since the last battles of the Crimson Rose. They have gone dormant, into torpor. Yet in the last 2 years, 6 kindred have been diablerized in the particular method of the Caedus Dominus.

The Rose has convened, and they gather. Their enemies know them, so they send their childer. The Caedus is cunning, so our kindred must enter the World of the Undead in Boston to assess what is happening. And of course there is always the great fear, that the kindred of the rose will turn against their purpose and pursue the unimaginable power of the Caedus.


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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